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Website Detox™

Do you feel like your website is not performing the way it should, as if something is getting in the way? Maybe your site is under-optimized or over-optimized. We can help you diagnose the real problem.

You can have hundreds or even thousands of incoming links and high quality content. However, if your site has “toxic” elements, chances are it is not getting properly crawled by search engine spiders and will rank poorly in Google or Yahoo, get stuck in the Supplemental Search Results or be banned from search engines altogether!

Website Detox™ is a holistic optimization service that utilizes comprehensive technical analysis to cleanse your website of unnecessary and unwanted toxic elements, thereby improving your website’s overall search-engine friendliness and broadening exposure to Google and other major search engines.

For those of us who know what it means to be in the top ten search results in Google, having a search-engine friendly site, free of silly “Black Hat SEO“ techniques and “SPAM” is the most essential piece of the search engine optimization puzzle.


There are a great number of skillful web developers and programmers today who are capable of creating state of the art functional websites, however, many of them have no idea that “standard coding practices,” when implemented in a particular way, can damage your website’s spiderability and ultimately ranking. Some coding techniques and methods might be considered deceptive and harmful by search engines, where others can turn into traps for search engine spiders, causing web pages to become orphaned and invisible to Google’s indexing process.

Website’s spiderability is an important element of organic search engine optimization. Spiderability can be drastically improved with an optimized server, fast-loading pages, spider-friendly link architecture, and removal of toxic technical elements.


Over-optimized websites are usually the result of novice “White Hat” SEO specialists trying too hard to gain higher placement in Google and other search engines. The famous saying - “Too much of a good thing can kill you” applies perfectly to search engine optimization. It’s a tough task to balance numerous organic SEO components to achieve effective optimization. There is a very thin line between a well optimized site and an over-optimized site. There is no way to guess where the search engines draw that line, so a rather scientific approach has to be taken to avoid potential over-optimization. Using state of the art tools 87Interactive is able to calculate approximate optimization thresholds for each individual page, making sure that we never cross that line.


Very aggressive marketing efforts by unethical SEOs, a.k.a “Black Hat SEOs” trying to unfairly manipulate search engine results is spamming. The use of doorway pages, cloaking, keyword stuffing, shadow redirects, misleading content and all other deceptive actions are sooner or later discovered by search engines and penalized to the fullest extent.

Remember, you don't get a free lunch and a quick fix in the organic Search Engine Optimization movement; instead you pay the piper for the indulgences of the past. Sounds ominous, but the results of Website Detox™ are well worth the investment.

Take your time to review all the useful information on this site and contact us with questions or comments about any of the services we offer.

87Interactive will gladly provide you with a FREE, No Obligation initial assessment of your website and offer a variety of flexible programs to address the issues that are important to you and your business. By arming you with the right strategy and tools to improve results, 87Ineractive can help you reach the next level of search engine marketing.

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