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Seo malpractice: Blue collar drones in a white collar world

You've got a great website, and you want everyone to see it.  You know that your website will appeal to at least thousands, possibly tens of thousands of visitors: the only problem?  Getting this website in front of your intended audience.  As with almost all things in life, there is a right way, and a wrong way of doing things.  For the uninitiated: SEO Malpractice is a very real and serious consequence if you choose to run with unorthodox seo services or choose an seo firm that performs seo services without actually knowing the real, long term effects of the services that they provide.

Now, if you've done any amount of searching for companies that perform seo you already know that there are thousands of companies and individuals offering their specialized services to you; some of them offering everything under the sun for pennies on the dollar in terms of standard seo firm rates, and others that charge thousands of dollars each and every month for full scale optimization packages.

If you're new to seeking out professional services for website optimization and marketing, there is something that you should be aware of, something that could cost you significantly more than what you bargained for. We are referring to seo malpractice.

While seo malpractice has a couple of definitions, we're focusing here on the specific acts taken by an internet marketing specialist that hurt your existing search engine rankings or caused your website to be banned by search engines due to unethical seo tactics used in the promotion of your website.  These are what is commonly referred to as "black hat" seo techniques. They are very risky underhanded methods of optimization and promotion that only jeopardize your existing rankings and placement in search engines. These methods can cause harm to your website in the future as well as reflect poorly upon the integrity of your business, making you a victim of seo malpractice.

In addition, there are certain methods of search engine optimization that are often referenced in abundance throughout webmaster communities, forums and everyday blogs from wannabe seo practitioners. These common tactics are well recognized as generally acceptable ways of helping websites increase their search engine positions and increase their overall popularity.  While these techniques can prove to be beneficial and sometimes work out well; there are many individuals and companies that take advantage of your ignorance and offer "SEO Services" that may or may not truly help you.  In fact, many of these self proclaimed "seo firms" are really the equivalent of blue collar workers in a white collar industry; they may be able to provide a service, but lack the skills and experience to discern if a particular method or action will actually help, harm, or do absolutely nothing for your website.

A risk that should be noted is that all of these seo methods that are floating around on websites can either be outdated and not relevant, or they can be completely false; meaning that if you hire the "blue collar" type seo firm, it may actually be optimizing and promoting your website using outdated or even harmful information.  It's just not worth the risk.

Undoubtedly you care greatly about the results that will be achieved from the seo firm you choose to work with.  It is in your best interest to seek out the services of an established and ethical search engine optimization firm, one that works full time in the industry and understands the subtle nuances of the ever-changing field of search marketing.  The casual seo worker is simply not privy to the closely guarded methods of a professional seo specialist.

For every established and ethical seo company there are 500 seo drones flashing low prices and big promises.  Don't get blinded by the lies and misrepresentations. Spend a little more time seeking out a company that has been in the business for a while and has the results to back it up, it will really pay off in the end!

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