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Seo malpractice at the hands of an unqualified seo company

Seo malpractice is the ultimate penalty you could pay if you choose the wrong seo company to optimize and/or promote your website.  With so many different companies and individuals boasting about their achievements for top search engine rankings, it can be more than just a little difficult for you to filter through the misleading hype and see the truth behind their thinly guised lies.

Some aspects of search engine optimization are common knowledge amongst everyone from the professional search engine optimization firm to the lowly, simple minded webmaster: and there are scrupulous people and seo companies that will capitalize on their limited knowledge and take you for a long, expensive ride.  This ride might even end up in seo malpractice, and this is something that should always be on your mind when looking to hire an seo company.

You see, a lot of unqualified companies will lure you in with their “success stories” where they’ve achieved top rankings for what looks like good keywords for either their own website or client’s websites.  What they don’t tell you is that these “keywords” they optimize for have relatively few competitors. Some keywords may have as little as 100,000 competitors, maybe even 500,000 or slightly more.  In the end, the simple truth is that for most keywords, this is weak competition. The most misleading aspect of this scenario is that their keyword optimization resulted in top placement for keywords and phrases that only a handful of people search for on any given day.

Would you want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for improved rankings for a search term that netted you a whopping 23 visitors per month when your service literally caters to millions?!  Of course you wouldn’t!  It’s ridiculous, but it happens more often than you would care to know.

Now, if a “seo company”, and that term is used loosely, would boast about such meaningless results, they likely don’t know much of anything in respect to search engine optimization; these are the types of optimizers that more than likely will employ risky, and sometimes even unethical methods to optimize and promote your website.  They are not only underqualified, but they are completely incapable of optimizing your website effectively because their boasting clearly demonstrates their ignorance toward the field in which they claim to be experts and puts your website in the seo malpractice danger zone.

When you are looking to hire a seo firm, the importance of research cannot be understated.  Have a chat with your seo company and get a solid plan from them.  Effective search engine optimization is not simply about better page titles, more website content and getting a bunch of websites to link to you.  SEO is a multi-step process that employs technical methods along with closely guarded insider tactics that would not be freely available to the common webmaster.  These tactics are what separate the true, ethical search engine optimization firm from the wannabe seo practitioners.

Think about it like this.  A normal 12 year old may have all the tools and faculties necessary to drive a car; they have hands, feet and the ability to see.  On top of that, they’ve watched their parents drive for 12 years, surely they have the knowledge of how to drive a car, right?  Probably so, but would you let a 12 year old drive on the expressway to find out? If you’re a responsible adult you wouldn’t even consider such a thing.  Expecting a normal 12 year old kid to operate a vehicle successfully in a real life situation is like expecting a “back seat” spectator seo company to effectively optimize your website.  The outcome for both scenarios can be both devastating and deadly.

Seo malpractice is the likely companion to unqualified optimization companies working on your website.  The risk of these effects can be minimized or completely avoided by doing a little bit of research and asking questions.

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